Monday, July 20, 2009

.:abot me:.

i'm juz an ordinary teen who living in a campus life.. i'm a teslian.. b4 i involve into diz teslian world, i had 2 attend a scary interview!! it was da 1st intrview in my life!! i tought i will not get the opportunity 2 study here, uitm as a teslian.. it's unpredictable!! i knew abt da intrview juz a day b4!! i was not prepared.. whatever it was, i'm here now, as teslian!! and i'm proud 2..
here i live in hostel.. very comfortable hostel..
only 2 students per room, class juz downstair, same goes 2 da office.. my chubby cute roomate called Am (at the right side in da pic).. she's one of grup b member, we called it's as assabiyah grup.. hahahahaha.. the members are always together.. even go to arked 4 brunch (breakfast+lunch)- save cost!! hahaha..

.:sad story as a teslian:.

wonder who am i?? i'm a teslian in uitm kuantan.. brb.. my english is not good as good as most teslians here do.. they speak fluent english, but i dun.. so sad :.( i hv lack confident 2 speak english.. but now i'm trying 2 raised my confidence now.. guys, plz pray 4 me!! hope someday my english will be as excellent as a teslian shud be!!